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Our team is a distributed one that spans generations with staff located from coast to coast in the United States.  Collectively, there is 60 years worth of experience in data preparation and analysis, market segmentation and reporting.  Over the years, we have helped clients raise $125 million in business funding.  The team also includes an economist specializing in economic, impact and feasibility studies.

CURRENT PROJECTS:  Right now, we are involved with a project for which we created both max diff and conjoint surveys for respondents from 10 countries.  A robust segmentation analysis is underway to profile and identify potential customers, to predict their propensity to buy and to determine where the Company's marketing efforts should be focused.  Other outcomes include market brand awareness, pricing and competitive analyses.

Valerie Braun is the owner and founder of Southwest Business Services, LLC, which is the parent company of Data Reimagined.  In addition to the services offered by Data Reimagined, she provide business consultancy for business planning and development for over 20 years.   As a business analyst and a data analyst, she has effectively integrated the best of business planning and intelligence tools into a unique business offering.  Analytical insight is a consistent thread through all services.


This Company has been in business continuously for almost forty years.  Because of the business model--which does not include a bricks and mortar location--we have been able to provide high-quality, professional work at an affordable price.  The hallmark of our work is that we provide thoughtful, logical analysis of the data we mine.  The information is presented in such a way that it engages the audience and is easily understood by them.  Due diligence is our watchword.  Our work is accepted by a number of government agencies in addition to numerous private businesses.

The process we use is an agile one:  It ensures that we can deliver business intelligence to facilitate decision-making or to present an analysis of a scenario.  Quantitative data meets qualitative evaluation. How we structure our questions enables us to derive actionable insights.

Data privacy and protection are paramount. We have safeguards and procedures in place to ensure GDPR compliance.


The Insightful Model

Startups, SMBs and large enterprises alike use our services: Both need data and ongoing structures to operate effectively. We work with for-profits and nonprofits. Whatever methods of data extraction and analysis we choose are those that produce the best outcome.

Analysis is what we do and we are good at it. We believe that technological decision support systems must intersect with human insight to be effective. Retaining a human mind in the decision-making loop is critical because even the best AI models make mistakes and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. The ability to think critically and to apply logical thought to a situation is a necessary X factor in all business intelligence services. We are that X factor.

How We Work

All project coordination is done from one location.  The team is distributed but the responsibility is not.  Oversight for all work--initiation, planning, creation, and completion--is handled in Colorado.

While we have done projects for enterprises in all major industries, we have special expertise in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.