Data Documentation

Data Documentation of The Paper Trail

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So, how do we do it?  We are expert at creating well-researched, professional and audience-focused a posteriori documentation.  Simply put, we produce analysis based on known facts or past events rather than by making assumptions or predictions.  For example, if we do a study on the impact of noise in a given situation, we calculate the impact based on known scientific methodology as opposed to using sniff tests from the stakeholders.

Is one better than the other?  Of course not. We may not use this approach unless it appears to be the best, most economical way to make your case.  But it is often true that the a posteriori approach is less expensive.  It is equally valid; it just costs less to verify the facts that way.

What do our clients look like:

  • Individuals in need of a quality of life study that shows the impact of noise or pollution or traffic.
  • Civic, county or state agencies that need data documentation.
  • Individuals, businesses, nonprofits or government agencies in need of an economic analysis or feasibility study or impact study.
  • Attorneys in need of responses to government requests for evidence (RFEs).
  • Businesses, nonprofits or government agencies that need their market or constituents surveyed and analyzed.
  • Businesses or nonprofits that need market studies.

Our clientele is international.

This is only a partial list:  You may well be one of our clients unnamed here. 

All of them have some very things in common:  They want high-quality, cost-effective data documentation that will be well-accepted by the intended audience.

What We Do

This is a sampling of our well-accepted, professional data documentation services:

  • Business requirements documentation
  • Accountability documentation
  • Business cases
  • Economic analysis
  • Profitability studies
  • Financial analysis
  • Economic development studies
  • Impact studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Traffic studies
  • Noise studies
  • Water management studies
  • Odor mitigation studies
  • Sustainability planning
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Remedial action studies
  • Safety studies
  • Compliance studies
  • Market studies
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Responses to requests for evidence

Our flat-fee quotes are based on a $45 an hour rate and are inclusive of research material required.  

Value Proposition

Most of what we do is requested by an individual, agency or organization that already knows that our approach will be acceptable.

Learn more about our track record here.

If you are unsure, however, we will ensure that it will be acceptable to your intended audience before we give you a proposal.