Tableau Interactive Dashboard Sample

Tableau Interactive Dashboard Sample

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This Tableau Interactive Dashboard Sample is the first in a series that shows the wide range of data visualizations that can be created with Tableau; and, the information that can be derived from them.  Whether simple or complex, all provide actionable intelligence.  This one can be viewed in the Tableau Public Gallery and is fully interactive there.  The image above also links to the sample.

This is a simple interactive dashboard sample that enables the user to see the impacts of various consumer metrics on red wine sales.  The Tableau Interactive Dashboard Sample shows how both dropdown and slider modules can be used to enable these views.  From this dashboard, the following insights can be gained.

  • The first chart is self-explanatory and indicates that the two most lucrative red wine markets in 2019 were the provinces of Guandong and Shanghai
  • Provinces in the first chart can be viewed individually as well and clicking on any bar reveals an annotation with sales for that province
  • The second chart enables the user to see the impacts of consumer age and income on sales.
  • Moving the slider to the right in any box shows the province(s) that have the most sales based on the consumer metric. For example, Shanghai and Guandong have the most sales based on both age categories and both income categories
  • While Guandong has the highest sales overall based on age and income, Shanghai has the highest sales based on revenue alone.

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