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Tableau Services, Blueprint, Explain Data, Ask Data, governance, data management, data use cases, AI, artificial intelligence, NLP, natural language processing, data analytics, dashboard maintenance, dashboard reporting, data visualization, dashboard development, dashboard design, dashboard implementation, product trends and comparisons, market analysis, customer demographics and risk scores, pricing optimization analysis, sales/customer engagement performance, competitive analysis, advanced analytics, smart analyticsOur Tableau services integrate in-depth knowledge of the software and its capabilities with exceptional business intelligence data analysis.  The sole focus of any of our services is to help you create a business intelligence model that you can actually use.

Tableau applications are endless, including:  Business Use Cases, Product Trends and Comparisons, Market Analysis, Customer Demographics and Risk Scores, Pricing Optimization Analysis, Sales/Customer Engagement Performance, Predictive Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Advanced Analytics.

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Tableau Interactive Dashboard Sample

We don't expect you to take our word for the fact that we create actionable, interactive dashboards.  So, we have created the first in a series of interactive samples that demonstrate the sort of Tableau dashboards that we can create.  This simple interactive dashboard sample enables the user to explore firsthand the impacts of various consumer metrics on red wine sales.  The dashboard shows how both dropdown and slider modules can be used to enable these views.  Read more about this sample here.


Because we can make your Tableau experience successful and less daunting...  Guaranteed.

We are business intelligence specialists that can enable you to use Tableau successfully in a business of any size.  Yes, we can set up a first-class dashboard for you.  But, we are much more than that.  Our expertise has been acquired over a 30-year period and enables us to provide concept to implementation services.  One of our greatest strengths is that we become part of your team--a team of one or one hundred--and learn about your business until we can see it through your eyes.  The trust that develops is the basis for creating a data-driven culture as the context for your Tableau implementation.

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Tableau Services

Data Strategy

  • KPI Development
  • Business Requirements
  • Analytics Blueprint
  • Data Model Design
  • Data Governance
  • Data Management

Data Integrations

  • Data source definitions for reporting
  • Data preparation
  • Data transformation
  • Integrations for Online and Desktop

Data Analytics

  • Business intelligence
  • Advanced analytics
  • Augmented analytics
  • Smart Analytics
  • Explain Data
  • Ask Data

Data Visualizations

  • Strategic and analytical dashboards
  • Tactical and operational dashboards
  • Data stories
  • Presentation-ready reports

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